LinkedIn Headline Examples – How to Write a Professional Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important visible pieces of information attached to your profile. Statistics have shown that users will read your LinkedIn headline 6-8 times more frequently than your full profile, so it is extremely important that you take the time to fill it out correctly.

Many LinkedIn users make the mistake of only entering their company name and position into their LinkedIn headline field. In doing this they are missing out on a lot of the great LinkedIn opportunities.

Writing an effective LinkedIn headline will result more search exposure, a higher click through rate to your profile and form a solid foundation for successfully marketing yourself on LinkedIn.


What should your LinkedIn headline contain?

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The first step is to think about the people that will be searching for you. What search terms would they use to find you? What are your core skills and recognisable strengths? What keywords would people use to find you or your profession? What makes you stand out? and What would entice someone to click through to your profile?

Tips when writing your professional headline.

  • You have 120 characters to play with. Try and utilise as many of these as possible.
  • Job titles are boring! Consider removing your job title completely in favour of a more compelling call to action. Public facing figures however like business owners and senior staff for example should include their employer in their LinkedIn headline as it will most likely be used by users to find them.
  • Use your headline to draw people into your profile, make it compelling and make it interesting.
  • If you are currently looking for work don’t use ‘unemployed’. Use positive terms like ‘seeking work’, ‘transitioning’ or if relevant ‘freelance’.
  • If you are a ‘student’, don’t just write ‘student’. What are you studying? What are you specialising in? How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • Create a list of 4 relevant keywords that best represent you. Make sure they are closely related to your speciality and include them in your headline
  • Include an outcome phrase in your LinkedIn headline.
  • Review the who is viewing my profile tab and monitor the keywords people are using to find you (this feature will depend on your account type)
  • Be creative!

[xt_success]HotTip: Use the ‘|’ key on your keyboard to separate sections of your LinkedIn headline.[/xt_success]


LinkedIn headline examples

Below is a list of some example LinkedIn headlines to help spark some ideas for your own.

  1. Career Management Expert – Helping Executives “Stay In Demand”
  2. copywriter and communicator specialising in creating campaigns and communities
  3. Experienced Transportation Executive, Web Designer and Information Architect, Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor
  4. Helping IT and IT Security Professionals Gain New Skills and Prepare for Certification Exams
  5. Discover How This Passionate Connections Expert Helps Businesses Increase Their Profits By Building Great Relationships.
  6. Experienced Transportation Executive, Web Designer and Information Architect, Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor
  7. Business and Technology Leader – Fuelling Business Turnaround and Performance Improvement
  8. Director | Public Speaker | Digital Marketing Professional | LinkedIn Advocate | Metrics Driven | Analytics Driven
  9. Social Media Consultant | Start Ups Specialist | Project Developer | Brand Manager | Twitter Expert | Author | Blogger

If you are in the process of completing your profile you may want to check out How to Use LinkedIn- The Getting Started Guide, it offers tips and examples to writing an effective profile from scratch.


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